What Industries Benefit Most From Incline Cleated Conveyors?

To make product transportation, assembly, and overall production simpler, companies employ conveyor belts. Specifically, industries utilize inclined cleated belt conveyors to transport heftier or loose materials. The incline allows businesses to maximize their space, while the cleated belt enables sturdier and more secure transportation. Companies that enlist the help of inclined cleated conveyors enjoy the following benefits.

  • Reduced manual labor
  • Reduced risk of employee injury
  • Increased workplace productivity
  • Increased product safety

Explore what industries benefit most from incline cleated conveyors and all their advantages.

Food and Beverage

Food and beverage processing facilities have strict preparation, material handling, product distribution, and preservation procedures to ensure that their products meet the FDA code. To do each of these procedures efficiently, food and beverage companies leverage the help of inclined cleated belt conveyors. Food processing conveyor belts are one important instance of incline cleated conveyors.

Inclined cleated belt conveyor systems simplify material handling and make food and beverage production processes much more sanitary. With the help of additional equipment, companies in the food handling industry can meet quotas and fulfill FDA requirements with ease.


Agricultural conveyors help make the world’s food production what is it today. Whether cultivating plants or livestock, farmers find much use out of incline cleated conveyors. Incline cleated conveyor systems allow farming companies and individuals to manage large plots of land in a timely manner. Without comprehensive conveyor systems, farming units would find themselves budgeting for much more manual labor. But cleated belt conveyors help reduce the amount of manual labor needed and allow products to quickly arrive to stores all across the country.


Many e-commerce companies use expansive warehouses to store all their products. To utilize both the vertical and horizontal space in these warehouses, e-commerce brands will enlist numerous conveyor systems, including the inclined cleated conveyor.

Because e-commerce supplies can range anywhere from large home furniture to office supplies and more, inclined cleated conveyors can come in handy. E-commerce is just one of the many industries that benefit most from incline cleated conveyors because of their abilities to safely and reliably transport goods.

Getting the Right Conveyor for Your Business

With over 40 years of experience in the conveyor industry, Redline Systems has had the opportunity to refine the quality of inclined cleated belt conveyors. Whether your products are bulky, loose, or somewhere in between, we have the conveyor system for the job. Contact us today to learn more about our durable systems and which one is suitable for your application.