The Benefits of Using Gravity Roller Conveyors

Gravity roller conveyors are used for product processing, assembly, loading, and so much more. Gravity conveyors’ versatility and simplicity make them a popular equipment feature in most warehouses and manufacturing facilities. Their advantages are noteworthy, as we’ll discuss below. Read on to understand the different applications of industrial roller conveyors and why they are so beneficial.

Gravity Roller Conveyors’ Structural Features

Before we dissect the benefits of using gravity roller conveyors, it’s worth acknowledging what makes those benefits possible—the structural features. A gravity roller conveyor’s design is integral to its functionality and success.

As heavily indicated by the name, gravity roller conveyors depend on both gravity and rollers to transport goods. With a slight decline, the rollers give under a product’s weight and send them down the gravity conveyor.

Gravity conveyor manufacturers use steel and aluminum materials for this conveyor type’s frame. The preference for strong metals ensures the gravity conveyor can withstand the weight of heftier products.

The Benefits of Using Gravity Roller Conveyors

Discover what makes gravity roller conveyors so popular.

  • Low maintenance: Gravity conveyors have a simple layout, which makes maintenance much easier. What’s better than the ease of maintenance is that maintenance requirements are minimal for this industrial roller conveyor type?
  • Versatile: Gravity roller conveyor design is super flexible, which makes them suitable for nearly any facility type. With gravity conveyor manufacturers constructing the right incline and decline and curved adjustments, you can make your gravity roller fit even the most confined spaces.
  • Cost-Effective: Since gravity roller conveyors aren’t automated, there’s no need for investment on costly motors and steep electric bills. These motors often require additional maintenance, repairs, and replacements, all of which come out of your company’s budget.
  • Easy To Configure: As mentioned, gravity rollers have a simple design. Their simplicity allows for easy installment and reconfiguration should manufacturing needs change.

Different Types of Applications for Gravity Roller Conveyors

The benefits of using gravity roller conveyors are applicable to a variety of industries that have high manufacturing demands. A few operations that utilize these industrial roller conveyors include the following.

  • Product assembly
  • Loading/Shipping
  • Order fulfillment

Sifting through conveyor companies to find the right conveyor belt design can be a cumbersome task. With over 40 years of industrial experience, Redline Systems Inc is sure to provide you with a gravity conveyor system that caters to all your production needs. Contact us today to learn more about our complete product line of conveyors.