Proper Conveyor Belt Safety Guide

To improve workplace productivity, fabricators will often utilize a conveyor belt system. While crucial to many manufacturing plants, conveyor belts still have their risks. Some workplace injuries are a product of employee negligence, but they can also result from a lack of safety resources and adequate training. For optimal workplace management, Redline Systems recommends incorporating a proper conveyor belt safety guide. Read on to learn everything that should include.

Refrain From Loose Jewelry, Clothing, and Hair

Enforce rules for employees to tie up long hair, remove loose jewelry, and avoid wearing oversized clothing, as all of these increase their chances of getting caught on equipment. Be sure to apply this rule to any visitors or executives who are not familiar with your site’s guidelines because conveyor safety in the workplace is crucial.

Do Not Start Machinery Without Checking for Clearance

Forgetting to check for clearance can result in harming another employee. Before starting the machine, it’s imperative that you and each of your employees check that the conveyor belt’s surroundings are clear.

Relocate nearby materials and confirm no one is in proximity to the equipment, or else injury and damage may ensue. To alert nearby workers, install loud and flashing alarms that indicate when a conveyor belt system is about to start up.

Verify That All Guards and Covers Are in Place

Every conveyor belt has pinch points that can pull or snag hands and loose materials when neglected. Typically, these hazards are reduced with covers and guards for employee consideration.

Confirm every necessary guard and cover is in place before employees use the conveyor system. Without them, your staff is vulnerable to dangerous chains, belts, and gears. Only certified system professionals should interact with and adjust guards when needed.

Incorporate Quality Training

In addition to having an accessible proper belt safety guide at the shop, your company should also offer comprehensive, routine conveyor safety training. Keep your staff up to date on how to safely operate each fabrication machine to prevent accidents. Store machine manuals in your facility in easy-to-access locations, should an employee wish to double check it before operating.

Redline Systems supplies high-grade industrial conveyor systems that can help make your facility more productive and safer. Relieve staff from heaving around dangerous products by implementing one of our systems today. We’ll work with you to ensure our configurations are just right for your manufacturing needs.