Advantages of Using a Small Incline Conveyor

If you’re curious about the ways your business could benefit from the advantages of using a small incline conveyor, keep reading to learn how it can fit into a tight space to efficiently perform a task that would take countless humans to do.

Fits Into Tight Spaces

If you’re working underground, inside, or in any place where space is limited, a small incline conveyor belt will fit into those tight spaces. One common application for our smaller C-series conveyors is when salvagers and construction crews use them for basement excavations to move debris out through the narrow windows. Otherwise, they’d have to lug loads of rubble by hand up the stairs—a tedious task that slows work and costs money.

Can Efficiently Move Between Levels

On projects, manual labor workers often get stuck spending shifts moving items up levels. If the space is too small to fit heavy machinery in, they are stuck relying on their two feet. However, as previously mentioned, this slow method will cost your company money as projects take longer to complete and you need more workers per job. However, with a conveyor belt, you can efficiently move the materials between levels at a pace that humans wouldn’t be able to replicate. As long as you feed the belt, it will constantly be working to move your materials.

Cuts Down on Labor Costs

Since a conveyor belt eliminates the need for laborers to carry debris or raw goods, you can cut down on the number of employees you need to complete a project. All you’ll need is some to feed the belt and someone to organize the materials at the top of the conveyor. So, if you need, you’re struggling to make ends meet, you can cut down on expensive labor costs. But if you’re able to afford to retain all your employees, you can break up project teams into smaller groups so that you can take on more jobs at once.

Reduces Workplace Accidents

When carrying a large amount of material up inclines all day, it’s only natural that back, knee, or ankle pains start to pop up over time. These pains could eventually lead to some getting injured on the job or developing chronic issues. Either way, workplace accidents and injuries are a nasty business that leads to companies having to eventually fold because of the financial burden. So, keeping your employees safe is as much a personal responsibility as it is a financial one.

First starters, eliminating the manual labor that the conveyor substitutes for decreases the probability of an accident happening. Also, the belts have safety guards and cleats to keep anything from falling off and injuring a worker.

After exploring the advantages of using a small incline conveyor, it should be apparent why your operation needs one of these tools of the trade. Reach out to us at Redline Systems for assistance in matching your business with the perfect small incline conveyor for your needs!