Advantages of Using a Cleated Belt Conveyor

If your company frequently transfers big, loose materials and there’s little room to maneuver, installing cleated belt conveyors might solve the problem. These conveyors allow you to keep your goods segregated as they travel to-and-fro. Learn about the other advantages of using a cleated belt conveyor that show why it’s worth the investment.

Allows You To Operate in Limited Space

Agricultural cleated belt conveyors play an important role in the farming process. Anyone in the business understands that using machines makes everything easier, from harvesting to manufacturing.

Cleated conveyor belts are useful for tasks such as agriculture, where the terrain and materials may cause challenges owing to steep inclines or the requirement to split things into batches. Incorporating them at various stages of the process may boost productivity.

Similarly, using a cleated conveyor belt with steep inclines might provide the mechanical edge that processing industries have been looking for. Companies can choose more vertical designs, which saves important floor space and lowers the capital cost of the equipment.

Guarantees Efficiency for a Growing Workload

Automation plays a critical role in warehousing practices such as shipping and receiving. Transporting materials can be easier when machines are working to your benefit. Cleated conveyors keep products on track for proper distribution while maintaining peak efficiency and high production for growing workloads.

Limits the Loss of Materials

Because of their frequently uneven layout, gravel, sand, and other mineral deposits are tough to move through a jobsite. Companies may dramatically reduce wasted materials and effectively automate previously manual areas of operation by adopting a cleated conveyor belt. Incorporating this technology can significantly bolster a job’s efficiency because there is a reduced chance of losing track or damaging valuable material.

Improves Recycling Efforts

Sustainability has risen to the top of consumer concerns, and nowhere is this more evident than at recycling operations. These businesses handle a large volume of recyclables, and attempting to process it all without the proper equipment might result in substantial failures.

With a huge number of inconsistently sized materials of varying weights, cleated conveyor belts assist recycling companies in keeping commodities in tow and operations running as planned. The custom-designed belts guarantee that a far higher volume of recyclable material arrives at its designated destination without trouble due to uniquely fitting designs.

The advantages of using a cleated belt conveyor prove their worth in a multitude of industries. Redline Systems will provide the best material handling conveyor with the SD-Series. The effective, tough rubber belt controls the materials, always centering them on the belt. Please reach out to us if you have an interest in the SD-Series trough belt conveyor, and we will do our best to get it to you.