A Guide To Prevent Conveyor Material Spillage

Conveyor belts work well to transport materials in many production facilities. While they are reliable machines for moving items, they can sometimes cause material spillage. This spillage can lead to delays in the production process and costly clean-up efforts.

Let’s look at a guide on preventing conveyor material spillage to ensure your facility runs smoothly.

Ensure Proper Load Size

Spillage often occurs when the load size exceeds the belt’s capacity. If you know what type of conveyor system you have, it’s important to determine its maximum load size so that you don’t overload it and cause spillage. You should also consider the load’s weight distribution. An uneven distribution could lead to a higher risk of material spilling off the belt.

Check for Wear and Tear

If you want your conveyors to continue working efficiently, you must check them regularly for any signs of wear or damage. Address any cracks or deformations on the belt itself before they worsen and cause material spillage. Regularly checking the motor and drive system will keep everything running smoothly and minimize potential problems with your conveyor system.

Train Employees

Training employees to use the conveyors properly can reduce risks of material spillage significantly. Employees should be aware of how much weight each cleated conveyor can handle at once and other safety guidelines, such as not standing too close while unloading materials from the belt and not overloading it with too much weight. Awareness of these guidelines can help employees reduce risks associated with material spillage.

Conveyor belts create efficient ways for factories and other production facilities to move materials from one place to another quickly and reliably. However, they can be prone to spilled material if not properly maintained or used correctly, which leads to costly delays in production time and clean-up.

Adhere to our guide on preventing conveyor material spillage to ensure your facility runs smoothly without any disruption caused by spilled materials on your conveyors. Proper maintenance checks and employee training can help you ensure your business continues running efficiently without any unexpected hiccups caused by spilled materials.

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