What Parts Are Needed for Bottling Line Conveyors?

Many components are essential to keep bottling line conveyors running smoothly. Here are a few of the parts needed for bottling line conveyors.


Chains sit over the top of the bottling line conveyor and carry the bottles down the conveyor to be filled and sealed. The chains keep the bottles lined up precisely so the machinery can fill them effectively.


Assemblies are the individual, specialized sections of the bottling conveyor system. Two examples are a bottle-filling assembly and an assembly that places the lids onto the products. These assemblies are unique to the bottle-filling industry, and most people associate these kinds of machines with industrialized manufacturing.

Gearboxes, Motors, and Drives

Just like any conveyor system, bottle-filling conveyors require components to power them. Gearboxes, motors, and drives are responsible for moving the conveyor.


Railings are essential for keeping the products neatly lined up. They also prevent the bottles from toppling over and making messes as the conveyor moves. The railing and chains work in tandem to keep the bottles in the right spots so that the mechanisms can fill and seal them.

Sprockets and Bearings

Sprockets and bearings keep the conveyor moving smoothly and consistently. Without them, the movement might jostle the products.

The Conveyor

An incline conveyor is incredibly effective at moving products from one area to another, while a traditional conveyor typically moves products through the filling, sealing, and packing stages. You will need both styles to keep your bottling business moving as effectively as possible.

A small incline conveyor would be a great addition to your current bottling business. Bottling line conveyors need quite a few parts to run smoothly, and at Redline Solutions, we proudly provide top-quality options and components to make your warehouse operations perform the very best they can.

If you have any questions about our conveyor systems, our team would be happy to help!