What Is an Incline Conveyor and How Is It Used?

Manufacturers have developed many different types of conveyor belt systems to appease a wider variety of operations. Conveyors have become so versatile that you’ll see them anywhere from a grocery store to an e-commerce warehouse. Incline conveyors are responsible for making transportation of various materials to different levels of a facility easy. Redline Systems explores what an incline conveyor is and how it is used.

What Is an Incline Conveyor?

As its name implies, an inclined belt conveyor operates at an angle, which enables it to transfer product from one level to another. An incline conveyor system’s angle can range anywhere from about 18 degrees to an impressive 90 degrees with the right cleated belt. Most average inclined conveyors don’t exceed 20 degrees.

Where Do People Often Use Incline Conveyors?

Incline conveyor systems are ideal for facilities that don’t have a ton of space or that utilize various floor levels for their operations. Because of what an incline conveyor is and how it’s used, almost any material handling facility that’s looking to optimize its space can benefit from incorporating one into its arsenal of machinery.

How Do Industries Apply Incline Conveyors?

Inclined conveyor systems have a lot to offer. Explore a few of the advantages of using incline conveyors for your operations.

Relieve Employees of Risky Work

Material handling can be a cumbersome and hazardous task for your employees. Incline conveyors (and really any conveyors, for that matter) relieve workers from risky tasks. With an incline conveyor, employees no longer must worry about quickly and safely transporting products from one floor to another.

Boost Workplace Productivity

The more employees you relieve from material handling duty, the more employees can assist with other, more specialized operations. Not only do incline conveyors transport materials efficiently, but they allow employees to work more productively.

Ensure the Product’s Safety

You can customize your incline conveyor belt with a belt that has grips, barriers, or other features designed to keep products in place. You can rest assured that your materials will make it to their destination in one piece.

Redline Systems has over 40 years of experience in the industrial field. We can help maximize any space with our high-quality inclined conveyors that we design with productivity and efficacy in mind. Contact our team of industry experts today to learn more about how you can optimize your workplace with our resources.