What Is a Concrete Conveyor & How Is It Useful?

Handling concrete can be a challenging and messy process if you don’t have a conveyor to aid you. A concrete conveyor is a piece of equipment that transports mixed concrete from a truck to different locations on a jobsite.

Often, a concrete conveyor attaches to the mixing truck, and it may shift into place after the vehicle has parked. However, workers may use a portable concrete conveyor to make the process even more convenient. Laborers may also use a concrete conveyor to pour extremely large concrete sections at the far end of the defined area. Workers can then move the conveyer in whatever way they need as the concrete pours across the huge area.

Knowing what a concrete conveyor is can help you understand how it’s useful, especially the portable options. A portable concrete conveyor is a valuable piece of equipment in many situations, making it a sound investment for anyone working in the industry. Let’s explore why having this concrete conveyor is the most effective.

Improves Productivity

Handling concrete isn’t an easy job, so incorporating any type of on-site automation to assist you increases productivity. Portable conveyors are lightweight, helping you transport the materials from one area to the next. Because of their mobility, these conveyors are extremely quick to construct and disassemble. Therefore, you won’t be losing any time on setting it up and taking it down.

Better Mobility

Don’t overlook the necessity for mobility in conveyor equipment when examining transportation choices. It can be costly to store large equipment, and conveyor systems can take up a lot of room. You can stow portable conveyors away when you’re not using them.

Mobility may simplify projects by minimizing the time necessary for setup and the personnel who must carry equipment from one location to another. You can assemble portable conveyors in minutes, and they include wheels to make transfers easier.

Make a Wise Choice Today

Learning what a concrete conveyor is and how it is useful illustrates why you need one for your construction project. Give your workers a break and explore the options that Redline Systems has today. Our RM-2318 is at the top of its class for portable conveyors. Grab yours today, and let our four decades’ worth of experience guide the way!