Understanding the Importance of Troughing Idlers

Many moving parts in a conveyor system allow it to work seamlessly. One of those components is troughing idlers. Understanding the importance of troughing idlers and their accomplishments helps you know if they are the best option for your plans.

What Are Troughing Idlers?

It’s nice to have something point us in the correct direction when trying to go somewhere. We can say the same thing when we put materials on a conveyor, which is why troughing idlers are vital to any conveyor system. Troughing idlers entails three or more idles to keep the conveyor belt under control.

Troughing idlers are a reliable way to transport materials from the source to their destination. Idlers consist of a central idler that’s fixed width and two wing idlers that you can adjust to create a better troughing angle.

This troughing angle guarantees that the carrying belt has the same cross-sectional area across the carrying strand, ensuring that the load-bearing capability of a conveyor belt remains constant over its entire length. This prevents material loaded to the maximum capacity at the loading point from falling off the belt en route.

Troughing Idler Benefits

Troughing idlers have two significant advantages. Because the troughing idlers maintain the belt’s form throughout its travel, it is more secure at carrying capacity.¬†Secondly, troughing idlers minimize the quantity of material that may accidentally spill on the conveyor system. With minimal downtime from cleaning messes, it increases your¬†productivity, increasing workers’ safety, since employees may be in danger of falling material when working near conveying equipment.

Other Idlers

Flat return idlers in a conveyor system may be the most common idler, but they aren’t as reliable as troughing idlers. Flat return idlers usually have one roller design, but some have two. Impact idlers can absorb the blow from falling material to keep the conveyor belt intact. Repairing the belt costs time and money, making impact idlers helpful. Training return idlers to correct any misalignment in the belt to ensure accuracy. Sometimes, the belt brushes up against something to damage it, and training return idlers help curtail its effect.

Understanding the importance of troughing idlers lets you know how each part of the conveyor system plays a part in making your job easier. Redline Systems is at your service to get the best trough belt conveyor for your project. Our SD-Series is the best for handling materials. Its innovative design makes it a master mover for all types of jobs and materials. Contact us today to see if an SD-Series trough belt conveyor is right for you.