The Importance of Conveyor Systems at Airports

Conveyor belts have long been known to help move materials at industrial sites quickly, but have you considered how they help airports? The rising number of travelers requires airports to handle and sort tens of thousands of bags daily. It would be virtually impossible to handle these bags without conveyors aiding employees’ efforts. Hence, we should appreciate the importance of conveyor systems at airports and not take them for granted.

Conveyor Systems Make You Move Faster

To assist travelers in moving around more speedily, airports install conveyor walkways and escalators throughout the facility. These conveyors operate continuously in a straight line to cover medium and long distances. Moving conveyors on the rails give you an extra push towards your intended destination.

Because most human-use airport conveyor systems move one way, it’s better if they work in unison. One conveyor operates in each direction, and a third exists that can reverse direction to accommodate heavy pedestrian traffic. It is also feasible to stop a moving walkway, which creates more room for people to walk freely one way or another.

Allow You To Confidently Check Your Luggage

Without conveyors, transporting luggage and cargo would be an unmitigated disaster. Typically, you will notice a luggage conveyor when you check into the airport.

This would be where you could check your bag if it’s oversized or heavy. Once you’ve checked the bag, the mechanical conveyor system sends the cargo directly to motorized trucks. The trucks transport the luggage around the airport until they get on your plane.

Some airports feature intricate conveyor systems; in certain instances, luggage moves throughout the facility without human interaction.

Baggage conveyor systems may use a range of belt materials, such as rubber sheets and metal plates. The conventional configuration of these conveyors is horizontal, although they may also accommodate variations in height.

Finally, baggage conveyors may link one path to another using various techniques, including 45 and 90-degree connectors.

Speed Up Security Checkpoints

Security checkpoints would look very different if it weren’t for conveyors. These checkpoints use conveyors to inspect baggage through X-ray technology effectively. If your bag doesn’t fit on or through the conveyor, it cannot accompany you on board.

Utilizing a conveyor helps move things along in an orderly fashion. If security had to sift through everyone’s bag manually, the lines would be more agonizing than they are currently.

Fortunately, airports recognized the importance of adding conveyor systems because they make our life easier, even if it doesn’t feel like that when you’re waiting in line. Redline Systems is proud to be one of the most cutting-edge industrial conveyor manufacturers. For over 40 years, we’ve been servicing several industries with our reliable conveyor systems. Please call us today if you think a dependable conveyor system will benefit you.