The Benefits of an Incline Conveyor

Each type of conveyor belt system has its own advantages in a workshop. They all work to improve efficiency, workplace safety, and optimize space. When goods need to move to different levels within a fabrication shop, chances are that the shop will employ an incline conveyor. The benefits of an inclined cleated belt conveyor range from allowing smoother transportation of products to carefully carrying fragile items. At Redline Systems, we take pride in the various capabilities of incline conveyor systems. Ahead, we break those perks down.

Level Transportation

One of the more obvious advantages to incline conveyor belts is that materials and products can move to different levels. Steep incline conveyors take up less space than other types of systems, maximizing efficiency and organization within the given space.

Incline belts are sometimes referred to as decline conveyor belts. When utilized in reverse, products can descend safely to the lower floors.

They Protect Product

Inclined cleated belt conveyors secure products using barriers and vertical spikes. These belts prevent loose materials from falling off the belt, which is safer for employees. It also increases the productivity rate of the fabrication project. Incline conveyor systems transport project materials with precise angles and smooth mechanical design.

Curtail Onsite Injuries

Safety comes first on worksites, and one of the benefits of an incline conveyor is that it promotes employee health and safety. The system nixes the need for employees to transfer bulky materials that could result in bodily injuries.

When employees move products, the project is limited in its capacity to transport material safely. But with an inclined conveyor, you can move more products in less time without putting your workers at risk.

Redline Systems offers high-grade inclined cleated belt conveyors for your fabrication shop’s convenience. Our belts are made to last and designed with productivity in mind. Contact our team today for more information on our portable conveyor belt products.