Portable vs. Stationary: Which Conveyor Is More Reliable?

Using the best tools for the job is integral for a job well done. It may mean the heavy machinery you operate, the high-quality materials, and the proper tools to get those materials to where they need to be. A conveyor helps your efforts, but knowing which one to select will drastically improve your output. The question that needs an answer is portable vs. stationary: which conveyor is more reliable?


The transportation of materials and goods from one area to another may be problematic. A stationary conveyer belt improves productivity in numerous industries. However, a stationary conveyor has its limits, considering you can’t move it from location to location.


Portable conveyors are helpful for a range of operations in several sectors. Because of their versatility, they are excellent for procedures that demand flexibility and mobility. For example, here are some avenues that a portable conveyor significantly aids in:

  • Landscaping
  • Pool installation
  • Dirt removal
  • Excavating

Luckily, portable conveyors come in various shapes and sizes, providing you with several opportunities to use one to make a job more manageable. They can also alleviate high labor costs because you need fewer manual workers to transport materials and equipment.

Another significant benefit of portable conveyors is their customizable controls, which allow users to change the direction and speed. Adjusting the speed aids in completing the job faster, while lower speeds might be useful for delicate materials or assignments where timing is crucial.

The Better Solution

Which conveyor is the better solution? Everything points to the portable version. They are dependable, safe to operate, and easy to install. Plus, they improve the working environment by including automated processes and safeguards. Advanced safety elements throughout the conveyor system prevent worst-case scenarios from happening.

Portable conveyors are more compact and easier to store in a safe place. Because of their portability, these conveyors are excellent for carrying goods, lowering the danger of an injury when physically transferring material. Lastly, stationary conveyors are usually large and immovable.

Now that you know which conveyor is more reliable, you can rely on Redline Systems Inc. as your industrial conveyor manufacturer. Contact Redline Systems today if you need any assistance in determining the best fit for you.