Conveyor Mistracking Causes and Solutions

A conveyor belt is an essential component of many industrial operations, and the entire process can be severely affected when it is out of alignment.

This issue, known as mistracking, causes damage to both the belt and any items transported along it. Knowing conveyor mistracking causes and solutions can prevent costly repairs and downtime. Let’s look at some of the most common causes and answers below.

What Causes Conveyor Belt Mistracking?

When a conveyor belt mistracks, it veers off its intended path. This deviation can have several of the following causes.

Poorly Aligned Rollers

Most conveyor belts get support from rollers, and mistracking can occur if they are not in the correct position in relation to the belt.

Worn Rollers

Over time, these rollers may wear down and become less effective at holding the belt in place. This cause can lead to misalignment and mistracking.

Uneven Loading

If an area of the belt is overloaded, it may cause the belt to move out of position.

How Can You Fix Mistracking Issues?

The first step in fixing mistracking issues is identifying their causes. Inspect your conveyor system for signs of wear and tear, and ensure all components are properly installed and aligned. It’s also important to confirm your conveyor system has the right tension. Too much can cause excessive wear, while too little can cause misalignment.

If you suspect foreign objects are disrupting your belt, inspect the area around the system for debris that may have gotten caught on the belt itself or in between pulleys or rollers. Finally, if temperature fluctuations are causing your conveyor belt to become misaligned, consider investing in a thermal monitoring system that can alert you of temperature changes outside of normal ranges.

Fixing Your Conveyor Belt Issues

Conveyor belts play essential roles in many industrial processes. When they become misaligned due to mistracking, it’s important to identify the root quickly and fix it as soon as possible before further damage occurs. Fortunately, you can take several steps to prevent or resolve these issues and keep your conveyor system running smoothly. By understanding the most common causes and solutions of mistracking, inspecting for signs of wear and tear, maintaining proper tension, and addressing any foreign objects or temperature issues, you can ensure your conveyor system remains functional.

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