Can an Incline Conveyor Create a Safer Work Environment?

Conveyor belts were initially invented to speed up the production and transportation of heavy material throughout an industrial site. However, over time, these belts have evolved. Not only do they now improve efficiency, but their safety features have also greatly improved. So, if you’re still unsure of the answer to the question, “Can an incline conveyor create a safer work environment?” keep reading this article to learn why it is a resounding yes!

How a Conveyor Belt Can Limit On-Site Injuries

Minimizing Manual Labor

Without a conveyor belt to transport materials, you’ll have to rely on an alternative method like manual labor or human-operated heavy machinery. Both of these options significantly increase the chances of on-site injury. When workers have to perform repetitive motions like lifting and carrying, day in and out, their bodies take a massive toll. This intense labor can cause your employees to sustain both chronic and acute injuries. By utilizing conveyors, your employee’s quality of life can improve as the daily physical stress of the job decreases. These upgraded work practices will hopefully lead to happier team members and a reduction in turnover rates.

Limiting the Use of Human Operated Heavy Machinery

Also, heavy machinery that isn’t automated like an incline conveyor opens itself up to the potential for human error. Forklifts, plows, cranes, and haul trucks are useful pieces of equipment, but they can cause disasters when mishandled. If there is an accident, not only do you risk losing product, but you also risk injuring drivers and any bystanders who may be hit by falling materials and shrapnel from the accident.

Incline Conveyor Safety Tips

This isn’t to say that accidents can’t happen around conveyor belts. Any industrial or mining site that employs incline conveyor belts must keep a few safety concerns in mind to ensure that the machine doesn’t injure the employees.

The first thing to remember is that conveyors are for materials only, and an employee should never get on a moving belt. Only trained maintenance specialists are allowed on the machines when they are turned off. You’ll also want to be wary of any baggy clothes or jewelry near the belt that could get caught. Additionally, for high inclines, consider installing a safety rail and warning signs for potential falling materials.

If you keep these safety tips in mind, an incline conveyor can create a safer work environment by removing much of the human labor and error from the material transportation process. You’ll have an operation that faster, and you’ll be able to provide better working conditions for your valued employees. When you are looking to upgrade your company’s processes, turn to Redline Systems. We have been a trusted provider of inclined belt conveyors for more than 40 years.