3 Tips for Winter Proofing a Portable Conveyor

Frigid weather can make it difficult for companies that rely on industrial machineries, such as conveyor systems, to run efficiently. If your business must use portable conveyors outdoors, you’ve likely noticed this difficulty. Luckily, there are ways to winter proof a portable conveyor to reduce the effect of the chilly weather.

Prepare in Advance

Applying an anti-icing solution to your machinery can go a long way toward preventing ice from forming in the first place. You will need to spray the anti-icing solution onto your conveyor system’s belts, pulleys, and idlers to ensure the best results. This anti-icing material will defend your machinery from frigid temperatures before the winter weather hits.

Handle Any Ice That Forms

Having a reliable deicer on hand is essential to keep your conveyor systems running effectively. In the event of snow or sleet, the deicer will break down any frozen buildup to get your machine running smoothly once more.

Apply the deicer to the top of the conveyor belt and onto the bottom covers and tail pulleys. Your proactive anti-icing and efficient deicing strategies will keep your conveyor in the best possible shape all winter long.

Verify You’ve Chosen the Correct Products

Since your conveyor’s efficiency is so dependent on your anti-icing and deicing solutions, it’s important to choose some that can hold up to extreme weather. Your solutions should work in temperatures as low as -70 degrees Fahrenheit. This buffer ensures that your machinery will not freeze, no matter how cold it gets.

It’s also important to choose a portable incline conveyor that can handle extreme terrain. Be sure to choose a conveyor designed for heavy-duty use to ensure it will hold up to any nasty weather conditions.

With these tips for winter-proofing a portable conveyor, your company is sure to maximize your efficiency this winter season. By prepping your machinery in advance and treating it as needed, your company can enjoy an easier winter season than usual.